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Wedding styling and corporate event styling

When it comes to styling your big day, it’s all the small accessories that make it personal. We can provide you with all the items it takes to make your wedding ceremony and reception a day to remember, that will keep your guests talking for years to come! Whether you’re looking for something very specific or want us to provide the ideas, then talk to us about your requirements today!

It’s not all about weddings: corporate event styling is on the rise with more companies now going that extra mile to impress and we can cater for everyone. We offer some fantastic centrepieces and event decorations which are styled specifically towards the corporate market.

Proving the whole kit and caboodle

At The Event Hire Company not only do we provide you with all the items to completely style your wedding reception or corporate dinner, we can work with you from start to finish including a set-up of all the equipment we provide. We start the process with a styling form and work hard to try and recreate your vision. You can even come into our showroom in West Thurrock to see it for yourself.

Enquiry with us today and start your event styling journey.

large cream metal candle lantern for weddings, hanging candle lantern
Cream Lantern
- Large
green metal candle lantern, green candle holder, green table candle light centrepiece
Coloured Lantern
- Green
candle light lantern, candle light centrepiece, red metal lantern for hire for events
Coloured Lantern
- Red
yellow lantern for table decorations, table candle light holder hire
Coloured Lantern
- Yellow
purple glass coloured votive for centrepiece candle light
- Purple
crystal clear marmalade jug candle holder, glass candle light centrepiece
Tea Light Holder
- Marmalade Jar
gold tea light holder hire, gold table candle centrepiece, gold votive hire
Tea Light Holder
- Gold
frosted glass tea light holder hire, frosted candle light votive
Tea Light Holder
- Frosted
diamante tea light candle holder hire, crystal diamond table candle holder hire
Tea Light Holder
- Diamante
crystal tea light holder hire, table candle centrepiece, crystal votive hire
Tea Light Holder
- Crystal
Tea light holder, chrome polished candle holder, chrome candle centrepiece
Tealight Holder
- Chrome