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What little touches can I add to my Wedding?

Wedding season is in full swing and there’s probably a million different things to think about when it comes to the big day! The food, furnishings, dresses and tiffs may be taking up most of your attention, so we’ve put together some little touches that make big differences when it comes to furnishing your wedding.


A much needed piece of furniture, obviously, but what’s so great about the humble chair is that it can be accessorised incredibly easily to fit in with any type of design style you choose for your wedding. For example, take a look at the decoration on these chairs below:

Close up DSLR pictures of bride and groom chair from back view. There's a note that show bride and groom chair on the paper tied by a purple ribbon. The table cloth has a floral pattern. The chair decorated by a flower. The background is a blurred showing the flower arrangements.

Adding something as simple as names to a chair not only keeps everyone in the seating order as planned, but can add a personalised touch to the wedding day, giving your guests a feeling of being invited to a prestigious and meticulously planned wedding day. Picking the right typography is going to be personal to you so, depending on what style you have picked, choose wisely!


Something incredibly simple yet effective comes in the form of adding a bow/ribbon to each chair. This is a great way to add a minimalist finish to your chairs to stop them looking completely bare, this also allows for you to coordinate with any other colours being used in the room.

Tableware/ Crockery

It seems that this wedding season has changed vastly when it comes to tableware, many are opting for a different look which allows space for individuality and creativity over traditionalism.

Silver Charger

Charger plates are something that has become part of this trend with some sporting interesting designs and colours. These can be changed to match your style and for a little item their impression can go a long way.


Adding small thoughtful pieces of decoration to your venue is always a great way of giving your wedding that personal touch.
There are a myriad of different things you can do, but try to include lighting features that aren’t too overstated; charming lighting such as lanterns can make a great addition to your wedding because they help in creating an intimate setting while emitting light in a soft way.

lantern pic


Centre pieces that are lit can also help add a signature touch to your wedding. Using less strong, artificial lighting is a great way of creating an atmosphere. Examples, like this stunning globe table centre, are great ways of keeping harsh lighting to a minimum. Alternatively, using a candelabra is a quaint way of lighting up a table as this provides an old world charm!

Globe tablecenters


Hanging décor is also a great way to add to your wedding. This small addition frees up space while inspiring a theme that runs from up above to below, creating a visually pleasing display that gives a WOW factor to your special day. Using hanging centrepieces can be a great way to achieve this, as well as light bulbs, chandeliers and handmade daisy chains.

Credit: http://cocoweddingvenues.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/2016-wedding-trends-wedding-trend-report-24.jpg


We have seen a noticeable trend with our customers. The increase in demand for upcycled goods at weddings is a promising sign that this trend is catching on. The attraction to upcycled furniture has been inspired by rustic style weddings which are dissimilar to traditional ‘grand’ weddings (which are based on modern goods and traditional styling). The use of upcycling, however, doesn’t exclude the idea of a modern wedding, but creates a synergy between rustic styling and modern practicality, an example is the use of whiskey barrels to create stylish tables and bars.

Whiskey Barrel Food Station