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Wedding trends 2019

Wedding trends can sometimes be really tricky to keep up with as they change every year, and often the time of year also has an impact on what modern trend will follow. We have looked at trending hashtags on social media, what’s been going on in the celebrity world, and our own personal dealings with couples so far this year, to really determine what are some of the biggest wedding trends in 2019. Below you can find out about some of the most popular and trending wedding styling products, so you don’t get left behind in 2018.

At the moment, colour schemes are leaning towards bold and previously conflicting colours; in fact colours like red, purple and green are all being used in different aspects of wedding styling to bring them together and they really create some eye-catching designs. Long gone are the days where white linen was the unspoken rule and brides are opting for coloured linen, with grey being the most popular, but also using pinks, blues and creams. Green is also a very popular colour this year, but don’t worry, we are not referring to what you may imagine green to look like; instead it is more of a silver green, almost closer to a bay leaf kind of colour.

Sweetheart tables are a great way of keeping everyone happy and not worrying about who will sit at the top table. With families now sporting a much wider range of family members and often extended families, there are no issues about who will sit where with the use of a sweetheart table. This is either a small trestle table or round table used at the top end of the room to seat just the bride and groom for the wedding breakfast. Sweetheart tables become the centre of attention for all our guests by using wedding thrones, a sequin tablecloth or even a large flower wall backdrop.

Wedding backdrops may not be getting the credit they deserve in 2019 as they really create an impact, and we supply a backdrop to almost every wedding we style. However, things have evolved when it comes to a wedding backdrop; not only do brides want a traditional starlight backdrop but they are becoming more creative using coloured sashes and artificial flower arrangements to add dimension and colour. Along with fabrics, brides are also opting for more unique ideas such as flower walls and balloons.

Doughnut walls are probably the fastest growing wedding trend since we first started using sweetie carts. Cake tables are no longer just to display the wedding cake; they have become a whole world of desserts, beautifully decorated and showcased on a number of different platters. Doughnut walls can be free-standing or placed as a centrepiece on a dessert table, and often have a wonderful saying or personalisation across the top, which are then adorned with a number of delicious treats. Both children and adults really do love a great dessert station and sweetie cart, so you should consider one for your 2019 wedding.

Fairy lights have always been a good old favourite for wedding styling, but this year we have been using them as a main source of lighting. Outdoor ceremonies, especially in summer, are growing quickly in popularity which also means so is outdoor lighting. Fairy lights and lanterns are being used instead of lighting rigs to create an intimate and romantic setting for ceremonies and receptions. LED candles and tea lights mean they can be used outside without the worry of the flame burning out, so you can party on into the night. Taper candles have become increasingly popular using tall gold or clear holders, which create a sense of height in a smaller flower centrepiece.

Limewash Chiavari chairs are still the go-to chair for almost all weddings, as they are a warm and classic kind of chair. However, if you’re looking for something more modern and daring then an ice chair also works fantastically well for weddings. Rattan furniture has become a trend in 2019 for outdoor spaces, providing the guests somewhere to enjoy a spring or summer’s evening, whilst taking in the scenery of your wedding venue, and looking rustic and at one with nature. Trestle table layouts also seem to be the next big thing for weddings; many brides are opting for a long trestle table seating plan rather than perhaps a traditional round table layout.

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