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Wedding glassware: Your handy guide!

Is your wedding day just around the corner? Have you finally pinned down the necessities like chair hire, styling and décor? Great! You’re on the home-stretch, with the one of the final pieces left to organise, glassware hire!

These beauties are just as important as your overall styling and is something that all of your guests will be handling and seeing as part of your table set up; so we’ve put together this handy guide that will make choosing your glassware, simple!

What type of glassware should I hire?

There’s loads of different glasses to choose from, each with differing styles, purposes and sizes, so it can be a bit confusing when it comes to picking the right one. Here’s some of the most common at each wedding:

  • Slim Jim glasses: These are seen everywhere at weddings and the name may just give it away but these, slim, tall drinking glasses are perfect for use with soft drinks and water. Not only do they look great, they hold plenty of your favourite beverage and can be used for cocktails and long drinks!
  • Wine glasses: The humble wine glass is always a happy edition to your glassware family! They come in two different sizes, one being slightly larger than the other; the size difference isn’t for aesthetic purposes however but instead for white and red wines. The red is poured into the larger glass to help it aerate and ‘breath’ while the white requires less of this process.
  • Champagne glasses: Nothing marks an occasion like the popping of a champagne cork, so champagne glassware is essential at your wedding! With two completely different styles, you’re faced with the decision of choosing between the stylish flutes that we all know and love or the classical flute and saucer, which kind of reminds us of The Great Gatsby!

What style am I looking for?

Glasses are chosen to match the style of your table, so understanding what your overall event styling is, would be a good place to start. We recommend that you investigate into whether you’re looking for something low-key and more relaxed or something more formal and glamorous because there are glasses for each!

We recommend using tall glasses if you’re opting for a more glamourous, classy feel as this will match larger, extravagant table centres as well as giving your table the impression of seeming taller.

If you’re looking for something more informal, we would recommend using smaller, stubbier glasses as these are fantastic for smaller tables and buffet style tables, especially with their heavier bases, so there’s less chance of spilling!

Should I add coloured glassware?

If you’re looking to add some extra colour to your wedding then coloured glassware is just the thing to get! This would add a stunning addition to your wedding by matching with theme colours to provide a special little touch!

We recommend using coloured glassware to match your main theme colour as this will minimise the incorporation of too many colours on your table. If you have too many different colours in the forms of: tablecloths, napkins, cutlery and table-centres then it may be best to stick with a clear glass as it will stop your colours from clashing!

If you have a certain theme however i.e. a woodland theme that incorporates green and is consistent throughout the venue, we recommend adding in coloured glassware to add a finishing touch!

How do I set a table?

Are you in charge of the table setting? If you’re like us, then you’re a total perfectionist and want to make sure everything is correct.

So here’s a quick guide of where to place each glass on the table:

Water glass: Positioned closest to the hand, above the dinner knife.

Wine glass: If you have wine at the table to begin with then it’s best to place the glass to the right of the water glass; if you have wine coming out later during the service, it’s best to place it in subsequently after the first glass.

Champagne glass: If you’re starting with champagne over wine to begin with, it’s best to place the champagne glass next to the water glass.

TIP: Remember not to crowd your table with too many glasses! Try sending out drinks at different times i.e. wine during the service rather than at the initial setup.


We hope this short guide helped you pick the right glassware for your special day!

If you’re looking to hire a high quality range of wedding glasses in different colours, styles and sizes then contact our team of event stylists on:

01708 335 184 or drop us a message on: hello@tehcltd.co.uk