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Wedding Furniture Trends For 2018 – Stay Ahead!

Wedding furniture is an integral part of styling your entire wedding, so we have helped you out with trending items for 2018. With a Royal Wedding set for May we are sure that they will set the bar high with classy and elegant weddings being a key focus for 2018. These wedding furniture trends have already started to pop up at the end of 2017 and are dead set to last through the year ahead. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your wedding furniture and want to keep things trendy, then this is sure to be a good read!

A full breakdown of wedding furniture trends

  1. Bold and opaque colours

Although pastels will never be outdated the hot new trend for 2018 is to use darker shades of colours, the most popular one being navy. You can incorporate this into your wedding with so many different items of wedding furniture and wedding accessories. You can use charger plates, linen, chair sashes or add a dash of navy to your flowers and outfits; there are so many products to use. If you’re worried about this all becoming a bit too dark don’t worry you can lighten up the room by either using lots of wedding lanterns, candles or fairy lights.

  1. Themed weddings are on the rise

For 2018 we have had many brides request themed wedding styling and furniture. Whether they want to use large props or keep it subtle we have been asked for the wacky and the wonderful. One of them is Disney princess, which let’s face it this never goes out of style, so we can use wedding thrones, candelabras and more to create this effect. Another one becoming more popular due to an increase of images on pintrest is Avengers or Superhero themed. Personally we think this is fantastic, but if over done it can be too much, so keep it subtle, either with a glimmer of the theme in your wedding centrepiece or your wedding accessories. Other themes being used in 2018 are Harry Potter, Mad Hatter and much more.

  1. Brides are using artificial flowers.

As we all know flowers can be a huge expense at a wedding but we have found more and more brides are now looking to hire artificial flowers rather than real. Not only are they including bouquets in their wedding but they are using more and more greenery throughout their wedding styling. Brides are adding small artificial flowers to wedding chairs and lining aisles with garlands rather than petals.

Weekday weddings are making a come back

Although many brides prefer to get married on the weekend we have increasingly seen a rise in weekday weddings. Most of the time this is a cheaper option than a Saturday or Sunday, not only when it comes to venue hire but also for the wedding furniture hire. Delivery costs are lower and set-up charges also seem to be lower as it comes under a regular working week. Wedding furniture is now an all year round business; although summer weekends are still popular, brides in recent years are branching out into weekday and winter weddings.

Take a look at some pictures of our forecast for 2018, including some wonderful inspiration from pintrest.

woodland centrepiece

harry potter wedding

gold wedding furniture

wedding furniture