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Which wedding chair should I hire?

It’s often a predicament many people find themselves in, there are lots of colours and styles available and many brides and grooms ask the question ‘which wedding chairs should I hire?’

Hopefully our team can help you figure it out by getting rid of all that jargon and giving some helpful tips on choosing the right wedding chair whilst giving advice along the way.

Most common types of wedding chairs

Firstly, you have the elegant and classical Napoleon chair which has a beautifully curved back lined with long spindles. They are an exquisite chair and in gold really create the sense of grandeur and quality. Secondly, you have the Chivari chair with more of a squared back which people tend to find more modern and slick. They are used more frequently for weddings due to the wide variety of colours they are available in, such as silver, black, limewash and ice.

Limewash White padGold Napoleon Chairwhite-chivari-purple-pad-Largeice-chair-blue-pad

When choosing the right chair to hire, there are some things we would recommend so you can get the right look you want for your big day!

Complement the style of your venue by choosing unique wedding chairs

Something to remember, no style of venue or party is ever the same. Everyone has different tastes and ideas on how they want to achieve their look. Let’s be honest, everything has to be perfect for each individual and we don’t blame you – it’s a day in your life everyone will remember – especially you!

We don’t want you to panic if nothing matches, so we advise you to take into consideration the initial style of the venue you have chosen, before choosing chairs for the wedding reception. For example, some venues are more ornate and lavish – compare grandeur event halls, such as Gibson Hall in London, with spacious and airy green areas like Syon Park.

Wedding chair styling ideas

If your venue is bright and breezy, you could use a limewash Chivari chair with a green seat pad to create the effect of being at one with nature. In a more classical and distinguished venue you might choose the gold Napoleon chair with a red seat which we believe really adds an upscale vibe.

An ice Chivari chair makes a venue look magical and works well in a blank canvas with lots of lighting, so the chair can reflect the colours producing an amazing effect.

All of these reception chairs can work fantastic in any venue, but take the time to consider every aspect, so it looks just right for the bride and groom.

Wedding lantern with candle on a beautiful lawn decorated with a flower

Colour schemes and wedding reception themes

We have heard it all – from a masquerade themed wedding to a simple romantic ceremony, nothing comes as a surprise to us, so whatever colours or theme you have chosen, we have got you covered!

If you have chosen a simple colour scheme of two or three colours, there’s no harm in including them in your chair selection. We would recommend keeping it simple so if your colours are gold and blue, use a gold Napoleon with a blue pad, don’t overthink it!

When it comes to themes, the colour of the chair may not be specific, you could use a black Chivari chair with an orange seat pad for a Halloween theme (yes, this has been done before), or a silver Chivari with white seat pad for a winter wonderland inspired wedding reception.

You have probably noticed by now the use of ‘seat pad’ keeps appearing. That’s because they can add a fantastic splash of colour and are available in many different colours, such as gold, red, green, blue, black, white and silver. They are fantastic for people who prefer to keep it simple using a natural colour chair like the Ice Chivari chair and adding an orange seat pad. See it doesn’t have to be as extravagant as you think; all seat pads can be mixed and matched with all chairs so the possibilities are endless.

Wedding chair hire accessories

Some would say this is the fun part and a great way to make your chairs sparkle or, again, just add a touch of colour. There are so many different ways to incorporate decorative accessories on your chairs including chair sashes, hanging crystals, ribbons, bows and flowers. Finding the right combination of event accessories to use can be difficult but make it straight forward, you don’t need to be over extravagant or it could look out of place.

Our top expert tip for hiring chairs for your ceremony or reception

Not all styles of chairs will hold the accessories you have chosen – get 10 chairs and try it out. Also, work out how long it will take you to place the accessories. Remember it’s your big day so you don’t want to spend the majority of it adding those touches. Speak to the hire company and see if they can help.


We hope we have helped you choose the right chair for you! Some people can get in a dilemma when making the final decisions but don’t worry we can help with any queries or questions you may have. Take advice from the event profs by calling 01708 335 184 or email us at hello@tehcltd.co.uk