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Upcycled Items That Are Out Of This World

TEHC Team – Friday, December 11, 2015

Upcycled items are the future. Their ever-increasing presence this year comes as a result of further climate change awareness and governments increasing sanctions on new material production. Companies specialising in upcycled equipment have quickly become popular as recycling has evolved into a fashion movement. At The Event Hire Company we understand how important it is to reuse existing materials rather than craft new ones which is why we love our upcycled pallet bars, plinths and tables. We source all equipment locally to ensure our carbon footprint is kept low and we will continue to do so every year. As the popularity of upcycling has grown, so has the creativity of the items produced. Everything from bedsits to bicycles are being upcycled in today’s furniture revolution, with design magazines praising the ingenuity of how items are repurposed into household items. Below we’ve listed just a few of the most intriguing and innovative upcycled items that we’ve come across including The Event Hire Company’s very own range.

The piano bookshelf

This bizarre yet quirky bookshelf contains both character and style in its woodwork and illustrates a rather incredible way of using an old piano. By removing the key mechanisms – legs and pedals – the piano is transformed into a storage unit which adds an eye-catching element to any home’s interior. The unfortunate reality behind this concept is that it can only be made from broken pianos. It is far too expensive to dismantle a working piano and if tried, would really defeat the whole point of upcycling.


The bicycle sink

If you have an old bicycle that you don’t use anymore, why not turn it into a fully functional… sink? As far as upcycling goes, this is one of the most innovative uses of transport that we have ever seen. Complete with towel station and its very own planter, this bike sink works perfectly in a house with unique and unusual décor. Construction of the sink is far less difficult than first thought too. The seat pad is removed and a thick wooden block installed, providing a platform for the sink to sit on.


The vintage bathtub sofa

Vintage bathtubs have reappeared as popular, fashionable items and this stylish painted tub is no different. This repurposed bath is perfect for a home with a vintage-esque style of décor and will simultaneously stand out and blend in with other unique items in the room. Gaps in the bathtub where the taps were previously placed are a great space for reading lights. Admittedly, finding a vintage bathtub and cutting it into shape may prove difficult and possibly costly but the results will certainly be worth it.

The Event Hire Company’s pallet bar

We’ve managed to repurpose these common shipping pallets into a fully functional bar. Built in our very own workshop, these pallets have been dismantled and their wood used to craft the bar with the intention of keeping as much originality in them as possible. Alongside the pallet bar, we’ve also made pallet tables and stools that look great indoors and out. In order to reduce our carbon footprint further, we’ve sourced all of the materials locally to ensure the wood has travelled from as near as possible. Let’s face it, the end product looks a lot better than a collection of old, unused shipping crates! If you’d like to see the bar for yourself it is available to hire now for a variety of events.

The suitcase boombox


Is there anything better than listening to your favourite tunes through your old suitcase? Most probably, but these upcycled travel cases undergo a new life when made into fully comprehensive speaker systems. The easily transportable system can vary in power depending on the supply connected to it but the addition of a rechargeable battery can add a useful element of portability. As well as bringing back the idea of the retro boombox, the system looks wonderful and is infinitely better than a standard small speaker. While not as powerful as a normal active speaker enclosure, the suitcases are more of a novelty than anything, one which any guest will notice and take an interest in.

The engine coffee table

Surging in popularity after an appearance on BBC’s Top Gear, the upcycled engine table has become a must have for all petrol heads and car fanatics. Using the carcass of a pre-existing or broken engine, the table can be created with a few minor alterations and the addition of a glass screen. If you aren’t willing to purchase an engine from a scrapyard, buying a pre-made table will set you back in excess of £500 but it is a great use for an item normally destined for the landfill site.