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Top 5 Expert Tips For Event Chair Hire

Chair hire can often be the one thing you either forget or plan months in advance. Whether you are organising a wedding or a corporate extravaganza, it can become an important part of not only your décor but your styling. It can be difficult to find the right furniture supplier with so many to choose from and with some of them offering different services.

No need to panic – we have come to the rescue! Hopefully our helpful tips below can advise you on the different things to consider and prepare for when it comes to event chair hire.


No. 1 – receiving your first quote for your event furniture

This is probably the first time you have thought about chairs and some of the questions you get asked by event companies you may not know the answer to. One of the most common questions posed, so your supplier can get your quote tailored, is ‘How many chairs do you need for the event?

The general rule of thumb would be to always work with your maximum number of guests. In the chair hire business and hospitality industry, furniture can get booked out fast, so if your supplier knows your maximum amount right from the start, they can allocate for this when quoting others, and also when looking ahead for scheduling (as many furniture hire suppliers do, especially in summer months).

We understand that in many cases it’s hard to know your final numbers until closer to your event. But don’t fret – it’s always easier to remove chairs from your order than it is to add for stock availability purposes. Adding a large volume of chairs could cause cost increases and stress in the final days leading up to your important event, which – let’s face it – none of us want, so let’s keep it as pain free as possible.


No. 2 – when it comes to chair hire, get in there early!

If you’re organising a summer wedding, or a Christmas corporate party, you may already be aware that when it comes to furniture hire – stock sells fast.

The busiest times of year for us are summer and Christmas. Some people are already up to speed with this, but others are not, so the sooner you can get in contact with a furniture supplier the better. To give you an idea, we currently already have bookings for Christmas 2018 – that’s how far in advance chairs can be booked. Even if you just get a quote, they at least are aware of your potential booking, although don’t assume this reserves your chairs as in lots of cases, it doesn’t – and we don’t want you to get caught short.

No. 3 – Think about your event plan and what type of chairs you will need


Always take your seating plan, table arrangements and type of event into consideration when hiring chairs and furniture. If you’re having a drinks reception, you may not need any chairs at all. Depending on whether you wish to create small lounge areas for guests to relax, then you may even need to hire sofas, soft seating or bar stools – some of the ideas on our website look fantastic!

ChairIf you are planning a full sit down formal dinner, you will need to consider what chairs work well with your event, not only with your styling, but also the type of venue, which you can read more on in our wedding chair hire blog post: Which Wedding Chair Should I Hire?

Don’t get too bogged down with tiny details if you have a large event and plan on inviting the whole family – the only thing many of them worry about is having a chair, so make sure you allocate for everyone in your seating plans.

No. 4 – Planning for additional guests and making sure you have enough chairs

It’s always the way that on the day you get people turn up although they didn’t RSVP, or even people who brought plus ones without prior notice. Surely you don’t always plan for this eventuality – well now you can. Why not order 4 or 5 more hire chairs than you need? This is often inexpensive and can save a lot of hassle when you get surprise guests.

No. 5 – Last but not least, talk to your venue


It is highly likely that the venue you have chosen has had furniture suppliers in before. This means they will have some more background on what the venue looks like with different furniture. Ask them to see pictures; I’m sure they’ll have some.

Look at what other people have done with the space and put your own twist on it, many of our clients enjoy seeing previous work of ours for inspiration. When you place your order for chairs, do remember the capacity of your venue! Due to health and safety procedures, all venues have a maximum capacity, and this can vary depending on the type of event you are having.  Be it an awards gala party, or a three course seated dinner, make sure you keep in contact – don’t invite too many people and don’t over order your chairs.

It all seems like a lot of information to take in, while the idea of chair hire can seem so simple. But don’t let it get to you – in reality, we and other event suppliers, are here to make it as pain free as possible for you.


We hope this has given you some help for when you need to hire chairs or any type of furniture for your event. If you need some further discussion with the professionals for inspiration or wish to discuss the chairs you need to hire for a forthcoming event do call us on 01708 335 184 or email us at hello@tehcltd.co.uk