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The Latest Trend For Corporate Event Styling

It has been a long time coming but corporate events are changing; corporate event styling is becoming increasingly gender neutral. We have been in the business for over 13 years and corporate styling has always taken a backseat with table and chair hire being the main focus for corporate business. The newest trend, evolving in the later part of 2018 which we can see continuing into 2019, sees corporate event styling becoming more subtle yet effective. In the years gone by, corporate event styling has been whitewashed with flowers always taking centre stage, no matter if they were real, or as 2017 rolled into 2018, artificial, which we provide quite often.

The latest trend we have been asked to focus on has been providing artificial succulent arrangements. They still look pretty and delicate but they don’t have the same flowery feminine look that flowers provide, alongside this using lights rather than expensive draping, creates a wonderful effect and incorporates bolder colours. Most corporate events we have supplied for have used their own company colours to include corporate branding in a subtle yet effective manner, which again tends to be large vibrant colours.

Fading into the background are large vibrant flower displays used in corporate event styling and they prefer to introduce more greenery and subtlety. This growing trend of greenery has within one week here at The Event Hire Company saw us styling three corporate events using succulent flowers and LED candles. With this side of corporate event styling showing a peak, this can also assist you with your corporate company sustainability policy, as 90% of our corporate event styling items are re-useable; the eco-efficiency for your event increases tenfold. With fresh flowers on the decline, artificial flower hire, artificial succulent hire and LED battery candle hire, with most of our stock being rechargeable, will surely show your eco-friendly side.

Table arrangements are being stripped back to keep tables looking uniformed and simple, whilst creating a fabulous atmosphere using candles and tea lights. The fine lines of napkins and table settings, often upgraded to include coloured linen and bespoke menus and name cards, keep the look strong and on brand.

Corporate branding has also been growing in almost every corporate event we supply for adding branding to menus, name cards, bar fronts and more. They again tend to use company colours and they are simple, yet effective. This is something completely new we have witnessed in the past two years with events in the past perhaps offering a gift bag which would be branded but little else.

Running alongside this trend is the shift in the actual types of events being held by corporate companies. We see far less of the sit-down dinners for 300 to 400 people, which once upon a time would have included table hire and chair hire, and incoming are the more intimate receptions and smaller dinners for 40-100 people. This does tend to include table hire and chair hire but for much smaller numbers, allowing the corporate company to impress their guests more by also including poseur table hire, bar stool hire, bar hire – which can be bespoke custom branded alongside the corporate event styling of the actual tables, whether they be long or round table hire, and the bespoke corporate branded table settings. Corporate event hire has taken on a completely different look and is a sign of the focus on brand awareness that we are seeing in all industry sectors.

We really have seen a major growth in corporate event hire moving away from the normal and making statements with their event styling. We are very excited about the possibilities that could happen in the future in this industry as it continues to flourish. Don’t panic; we will be here every step of the way to keep you updated with the evolution of corporate event styling.


Want to make an impression at your next event? Then speak to us about how we can help you with your corporate event styling. With everything from chair hire, table hire, bar hire, soft seating hire all the way through to custom styled corporate event styling, we can help you with all the elements that you require. We can also assist you with how to use your brand at your corporate event from table settings to branded bar hire.

If you have a thought on this topic or want to give us your views on other ways the corporate event styling can improve in 2019, then please feel free to get in touch with us at hello@tehcltd.co.uk or on any of our social media handles @theeventhire on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.