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Your guide to table and chair hire for personal celebrations

In life we go through many milestones and often like to make them full of memories by hosting parties, receptions, dinners and more. Whichever way you celebrate in your personal life, you can make it extra special and go that extra mile with table and chair hire. You’re definitely going to impress the family and friends with your additional effort, which can only enhance the memories. We have put together a helpful guide to table and chair hire including some things you may want to remember plus some handy tips we have learnt along the way.

Wedding chair hire

Wedding chair hire is increasingly popular in the wedding industry, particularly as more venues have been cutting costs, they don’t all tend to have the best condition or the latest trend of wedding chair so they often offer brides chair covers or wedding chair hire. Take it from us, wedding chair hire is the route to choose: not only does the cost work out cheaper but you also won’t have to allow for additional costs such as set-up. Wedding chair hire is often the easiest and best choice as you don’t need to consider timings and logistics if you plan on moving them throughout the day. Plus I don’t know if you agree with us but they look so much better than chair covers!
clear wedding chairstable and chair hireweddign chair hire

Table and chair hire for small intimate gatherings

Table and chair hire does not need to be on a large scale; often people only hire in a few tables and chairs to impress people at a dinner party. or maybe you’re celebrating Easter, Christmas, a birthday or any other excuse for a family dinner, where you can always add that extra special touch with table and chair hire. Do be careful though; table and chair hire can come with a minimum hire charge, so do enquire about this when you contact a furniture supplier.

gold wedding furnituretable and chair hirechair hire


Things you may not have considered

Table and chair hire is simple enough but make sure you have considered and arranged everything ahead of time. You should also think about the logistics. For example small town halls don’t often let you have access until the morning of the event, so make sure you discuss the earliest possible time you can get the keys. You may even want to let them know about your intention of table and chair hire as they may be more accommodating.

If you are having a celebration at home, it is often cheaper for table and chair hire deliveries to be made in weekday, any-time slots; so if your event is on a weekend, try to arrange a Friday delivery and Monday collection. Just don’t forget you will have to allocate for storage.

The things to remember about table and chair hire are endless and I could rant on forever but that would become boring. If you have any further questions about table and chair hire or want a tailor made quote for your personal celebration, do call us on 01708 335 184 or email us at hello@tehcltd.co.uk