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Spring Wedding Styling – Inspiration For 2019

First of all, if you’re planning your wedding, congratulations on your engagement! Here at The Event Hire Company we understand it can be extremely stressful to arrange a wedding, with so many different things to think about, plan and organise. Especially with constant changing trends, popularities and favourites, no one wants to be left behind; but don’t worry, we have come up with some beautiful styling ideas and inspiration for a wonderful spring wedding. We will talk you through the 2019 colour schemes, artificial flower arrangements, wedding furniture hire and lastly give you some brilliant ideas using some of our own creations for your own wedding styling.

Let’s start with colour schemes and what colours are popular for spring weddings. These tend to be bright and vibrant colours, yellows, pinks, lilacs and lots of pastels as spring is the season of colour! With everyone gearing up for summer and flowers beginning to bloom, it’s a perfect time of year to take your wedding outside, or even bring the outside in with artificial flower arrangements and eye-catching greenery. Spring weddings are also notorious for mixing it up and rather than sticking with one colour scheme, they use a selection of many; so be creative and why not pull out the bag some of the rather obscure wedding colour schemes?

So we have already mentioned artificial flower arrangements but what wedding flowers are perfect for spring? Let’s start with the beautiful daisy, often associated with this time of year. It is a simple and beautiful flower that can be a stunning white. Perhaps you’re looking for a bright yellow? If that’s the case then you definitely need to include daffodils in your wedding styling, whether you use them exclusively for large vibrant displays or just to add a dash of colour to your wedding styling, they are perfect for the time of year when these flowers are known to bloom. There are so many more artificial flowers associated with this season for your wedding styling such as tulip, peony and freesia all available in some brilliant colours to match your wedding colour scheme. Remember if you are including flowers, artificial flower arrangements are so much more cost effective for your budget, so go crazy!

Wedding furniture, such as chairs, sashes, tables and more is not always the first thing on your to-do list, in fact it is usually one of the last. Most people believe that wedding furniture is all included with the venue but this is not always the case. Ask to see exactly what is included because if you don’t like what the venue has there are plenty of other options to bring in, and wedding furniture is usually booked far in advance, so get in early!

For spring weddings, chairs and tables should be kept simple. Light coloured chairs like lime wash Chiavari and Ice Chiavari are very popular and can easily be styled with a brightly coloured sash. They keep the room bright and airy just like being outside; even if it’s a grey and rainy day you will still create that feeling of spring. Why not try something different with your table hire such as using trestle tables to create long banqueting tables or try a sprig layout. (Don’t worry if you’re not sure what this as your wedding stylist should know.) Using this could create a sense of space and openness which is perfect for your guests to feel like summer has come early.

The important thing to remember about spring wedding styling is to keep it bright, open, and vibrant to make it feel like summer. Let’s face it, most of us wish it was summer all the time. Take a look below at some of our wedding styling ideas to see if you can get any light bulb moments for your own wedding styling.



spring poseur table decorThese jam jars are perfect for displaying a bouquet of spring artificial flowers. The hessian bow and rope wrapped around the jars are a nice added touch along with the bright yellow and purple flowers that really give a sense of spring. You could use these to decorate a buffet table, or as poseur table décor, or even use a couple of different sized jam jars to create a simple centrepiece perfect for spring wedding styling.

outdoor weddingWhat a magical and romantic touch to line the night sky with fairy lights. With many spring weddings taking place outside why not party the night away under your own artificial night sky? Thus image really shows how something as simple as draping fairy lights throughout the nature and greenery sets a beautiful scene.

spring furniture hireFor this spring wedding the wedding styling has been taken to a whole new level by using these stunning flower seat pads on a neutral coloured lime wash Chiavari. Imagine 50 or more of these chairs at your ceremony filling it with colour and flowers, you really couldn’t get much closer to spring wedding styling.

food stationSpring is a fantastic time of year for food with a huge variety of ‘in season’ choices including berries and lots of vegetables. This food station is a fantastic way to entice your guests to try food at your spring wedding. Whether you’re just having a buffet style reception of an evening buffet after a wedding breakfast, you can display food or create a dessert table. Get creative!

We have even more ideas throughout our website and can even offer bespoke wedding styling so call us on 01708 335184 or email us at hello@tehctltd.co.uk to discuss your spring wedding.

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