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Planning your event furniture hire for your Christmas event

Yes, I know it is only September, but the reality is Christmas takes a lot of preparation; especially if you’re planning a show-stopping Christmas event either to impress your colleagues with a corporate Christmas dinner or make magical memories with the family. We have put together a step-by-step guide to help plan your event furniture hire for the festive period, to make sure you have thought of everything!

Step 1. Where is your Christmas event being held and do you have a theme?

In the past popular themes have included winter wonderland, Victorian Christmas and Santa’s grotto and we are sure these will again be the trending themes again for 2018. Make sure you find out if your venue already includes any additional event styling packages or whether you need to completely theme the space yourself. Most venues have dealt with event furniture companies in the past so could even have approved suppliers or recommend some who have worked in the event space before. If you’re planning on having a small personal event at home, most people tend to stick to colours that match their home décor but you can really have some fun with table centrepieces or selfie walls etc.

Step 2. Work out your budget for your event furniture.

Budget is an important thing to work out before you speak to any event furniture supplier or styling company as this plays a big part in what they will offer you to match your theme and requirements. Bear in mind larger venues need to be filled with more props and styling and it’s as easy as the more event furniture you need the larger the costs. If you only have a very small budget then be prepared to only have a small event styling package put together for you.

Step 3. Put together images and ideas of what you would like to achieve.

As much as we love Pinterest, remember to be realistic; everything is possible however it comes at a cost, so when using images and ideas from websites like this remember your event furniture supplier is probably going to give you similar alternatives to match your budget. This step is extremely important in order to start speaking with suppliers as it makes the process easier for you, as they won’t ask as many questions, and for the event furniture supplier, as they can put together your quote easier and quicker for you if they have all the information they need.

Step 4. Speak to an event furniture hire company.

Make sure you give them all the information they ask for as the reason they ask is because it’s imperative to produce an approximate and quick quote. Like anything else in life, contact a few different suppliers to see which is the cheapest and what you can get for your money; although you don’t want to start playing them off against each other, most companies offer a price match promise.

Step 5. See it for yourself.

To make sure the company is giving you exactly what you want and to check you are happy with their suggestions, why not ask to see your styling and event furniture in the flesh. Most companies, like ourselves, offer a showroom or warehouse you can visit, not only to make any last minute adjustments but also to get to know you personally.

Step 6. Turn up on the day and enjoy yourself.

Once all the paperwork has been completed and if you have been offered a full set-up service then there is no need to panic. If you trust your event furniture company then just turn up on the day and they should have transformed your event space into the perfect setting for your Christmas event.

If you are looking to plan your own Christmas spectacular or even a small gathering, then get in touch with a member of our event furniture and styling team to discuss your requirements now. Call us on 01708 335 184 or email hello@tehcltd.co.uk