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Our Top Five Ideas To Making Your Event Memorable

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all like to create memories in others’ minds; whether they are happy or sad it’s a way us humans choose to connect with each other and which keeps us connected over time. When it comes to organising an event it’s no different. We all like to hear the words, ‘do you remember?’ so we have come up with some brilliant ideas you can use to create memories in the minds of your guests, so they keep coming back for more. Whether you’re organising the wedding of the century or even a corporate dinner, we are beaming with ideas to share with you. So let’s take a look at our top five ideas!

  1. Think of an obscure theme that is not overdone and copied time and time again. How about a festival themed summer event or perhaps throw it back to the 80’s and have fun on the dancefloor? These are not repeated and even though they seem cliché sometimes that’s best; people love a good cliché and enjoy reliving eras of time through events. With the Great Gatsby and Wolf of Wall Street themes leading the way in corporate events in 2018, try to think outside the box and go with a theme you wouldn’t necessarily associate with a corporate business. Make it fun and exciting; give the guests a reason to dress up and don’t forget to keep the drink flowing all night. To create your own festival use brightly coloured furniture such as bean bags, deck chairs and oil drums; the more rustic the better. If you’re looking for a scarier Halloween vibe use black Chiavari chairs with purple and orange seat pads, then add some pumpkin centrepieces for good measure.


  1. Next up we look at eye-catching installations, large colourful backdrops, flower walls, or even props and pieces of art, anything to grab the eyes’ attention, and make it the centrepiece for the whole event. This works well with any theme, whether you’re having a beach party and want a seaside inspired backdrop or looking to create a whole wall to look like a starry night sky. A large installation often makes a huge impact on your guests, not only will it be a topic of discussion but often gets shared on social media as a photo opportunity which in turn creates a buzz around your celebration. You could use your company colours to adorn the walls and ceilings of your event space, really reminding the guests of who they are there for. I mean, who wouldn’t forget a room that was beaming with red and blue draping? I know I would!


  1. Why not present your food in a fun and interactive way? If you’re supplying a buffet or bowl food selection then you could incorporate food stations and props to make food look more exciting and enticing. Perhaps you have an Indian food theme or a sushi theme; then why not style the whole food station around what you’re serving? For example, if you’re serving rustic street food you could serve on logs and rustic food crates; or for more delicate desserts serve them on clear acrylic serving dishes surrounded by elegant artificial flower arrangements. You could even create a larger food hall type of area with each themed food station serving different dishes. You could also use one of these as a ‘meet and greet’ with the chefs so your guests can really interact with your catering team and understand the types of foods they are tasting. They might even learn something about food they will never forget!


4. Alternative seating is a fantastic way to get your guests talking and interacting; whether that be long-term or short-term, it’s great to create a buzz                         around your event. You’re more likely to get a reaction from a crowd for doing something random and exciting rather than something that would be                         expected. If you’re looking for guests to mingle, meet new people and network, then sofas and benches rather than chairs and tables is a great way to do this           as it creates an open relaxing space in which people can socialise. If you’re looking to make a huge impact when people enter a room, then why not try                       something really wild like multicoloured bean bags? Who isn’t going to be wowed when they walk into a room expecting conference chairs for a boring                     conference and being greeted with a room full of funky colours? Why not make it topical or in reference to the event? For example, use recycled chairs and               upcycled furniture like crates and oil drums at an event about our carbon footprint.


  1. Branding is a brilliant way to leave our mark, literally. Branding has always been used in events; whether it’s corporate branding or personalised initials it has always been used but many more people are using this as a form of subliminally making their guests remember their name. It’s like anything; if you hear or say something enough times you believe it and this works around the same concept. Almost anything can be branded for events now, dancefloors, bars, receptions desks, poseur tables and more. If you’re not looking for something so ‘in-your-face’ then small branding touches on flyers, business cards, menus and gifts make a great addition.


Like I said, these are just five of our ideas to create your own memorable event but we have so many more, so why not give us a call on 01708 335 184 or email us at hello@tehcltd.co.uk to discuss your event and see how we can wave our magic wand at your next event.