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LEDS- Lighting up those dark winters!

As sad as it is, the summer is slipping away, providing us with darker nights earlier. But who said it’s all bad? If you’re an event pro, you know that this is an opportunity to wow your guests with the best and brightest lighting you can get your hands on! That’s why we’ve been scouring the internet and our stock to find some LED gems that you can use at your next event to grab everyone’s attention – so you’re not left in the dark.


We’re starting this list with one of our most in demand pieces of LED furniture; the poseur! Adding some handy LEDS to this classic piece of furniture has really brought it to life! It is the perfect way to change the atmosphere of a room, thanks to the ability to change colours depending on what sort of ‘vibe’ you’re looking to create. We recommend using this table in a dimly lit environment to combat the use of heavy artificial lighting, as this offers some cool and interesting features to congregate around.


LED cubes

Something that simply can’t be left off the list is our brilliant LED cubes; they are a simple addition that helps create an interesting seating area and can even be used without seat covers to create
awesome lit tables. They look really at home when used alongside our poseurs, which creates a brilliant mingling area where people can stand and have a chat, whilst the cubes are brilliant for those looking to take a load off and relax!



Now what’s better than a bar? An LED bar, obviously! These bars are such a cool addition to a party as they (like the others) are practical, stylish and they light up! These aren’t the only reasons, however, using this type of bar gives your event an aesthetic of being a modern, trendy place to be as the use of LED’s are synonymous with technology and futurism.

Don’t forget that using an LED bar removes the need for excess light, making it great for setting the mood. However, if you require a touch more light, try using some LED display shelves which are perfect for showing off drinks bottles.



Ice Buckets

What would go well with a cool LED bar? Something ice cold to show off your selection of drinks of course. That’s why this ice bucket is the perfect accessory! Boasting a cool design, capacity for large bottles and a selection of colours, what’s not to love? Having one of these beauties at your event will provide a VIP feel which highlights your very best beverages, proposing an air of exclusivity.



Got something to show off? We’ve got just the thing! Our LED plinths are the perfect alternative to the traditional free standing furniture options. In addition to the practicality of plinths, having the emission of light is a great way of highlighting your item of choice in an understated way. Using LED plinths also offers the flexibility of being able to move the item to anywhere you see fit, due to being battery powered.
But what if the batteries run out you ask? Well, LEDS use about 90% less energy than traditional bulbs and can last up to 10 times longer! So, no worries there.


Bubble tubes

Looking for decorative furniture to help set the mood? Trying to decorate an entrance, or maybe even an empty space? A bubble tube can be just the thing you need. Standing at a height of 6ft, these bubble tubes can provide an awesome aesthetic where light bounces off the bubbles to create a really pleasing effect. They’re great for making empty spaces interesting and can be awesome in lighting dark areas and showcasing products.

6ft Bubble tube light

Special Mention

Unfortunately, we cannot stock this final piece, but don’t let that take away from it being incredibly special.

This amazing swing was created by Höweler + Yoon – a Boston based design company – and features large circular rings that hang from a large metal structure. The use of lights and accelerometers means that the swings respond to activity, making this an interactive attraction that consumes a small amount of power. Like our smaller pieces above, this attraction is illuminated by the humble LED which is a key part of modern design due to its efficiency, light quality and durability. Find out more about this amazing installation here.

LED swings

If you’ve got an event that needs furnishing, there’s only one place to go. At TEHC we work to find you whatever furniture you may need, while providing our customers with the best prices available!

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