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Event furniture – making the most of a smaller venue

Smaller event spaces can be tricky to work with, especially if your event requires event furniture for seating or styling. All event spaces have a maximum amount of guests for health and safety reasons depending on the type of event, but these numbers have not always taken into account the event furniture to make the space usable. We thought we would do some of the leg work for you and look at some of the event furniture solutions to designing an event in a smaller event space.

Let start with seating; there are a few different solutions to the traditional use of sofas or banqueting chairs but there are some favourites of ours that we have used time and time again to save on space. Faux leather benches and cubes are a perfect alternative solution to sofas and armchairs; they are a lot smaller in size and more versatile about where they can be placed as they are not as bulky and restrictive as sofas. For example, in a long narrow event space such as Tower Bridge, they are often used along the windows of the Walkways. This offers a soft seating option for your guests, and because of the depth of the benches, they still leave a large space for guests to mingle.

Folding chairs are a brilliant substitution for banqueting chairs because, as it says in the name, they are foldable. If they are not being used they can easily be folded and stored in small areas, so if not as many people turn up as expected, you can always fold them up and put them away, saving on much valuable space. Some people find folding chairs ugly compared to a banqueting chair, but you can always add a chair cover or sash to brighten the room up and make them look more uniformed. Plus they are a fantastic cheaper option, which is always a bonus!

Next up are tables. Now when it comes to tables, it’s more about the layout rather than the piece of furniture. Most banqueting tables have foldable legs so they become flat when not being used, however to fit more guests into a smaller venue space for a dinner always stick to round tables. A 4ft round table can seat up to six people and will only require a diameter (including chairs) of around 5.5ft, whether your event space is long and narrow or short and square, round tables always maximise the seating capacity. Some smaller sized poseur tables are a better event furniture option if you are serving bowl food or holding a reception. You don’t need to include a stool unless you want to, but you can always fit a fair few people around these tables standing and If you’re limited on space.

Mobile bar hire could be a great option if you have a smaller event space as most smaller venues may not have a bar readily available, and there are some fantastic bars available to hire. The best way to deal with space is to hire a small modular bar, for instance our Hollywood bar comes in sections which are just over 1M wide and with a depth of only around 60cm, so they can be used in the smallest of spaces. We have even displayed this bar underneath a staircase. If you need something slightly bigger, you can always hire more than one section.

Last but not least we look at styling. Now it’s not something you may even think you have space for, especially if you have a very small space and you are already using every inch, but there is always space for the pretty bits! We like to use features already in the event space so we don’t actually need any additional room for styling. For example, we can use staircases and stairs to display artificial flower arrangements and lanterns, or we can use fireplaces to hang fairy lights and place tea lights.

Small venues spaces do not need to be limiting, you can still use the space to its full potential by using lots of useful event furniture hacks, and we have plenty!

If you would like us to help you make the most of your event then give us a call and speak to one of our professionals on 01708 335 184 or email us at hello@tehcltd.co.uk