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Decor trends for your 2017 wedding

It’s Christmas time for everyone else but like true event profs we’re thinking ahead to 2017! So, at Event Hire HQ, we’ve put our heads together and our ears to the ground to find the newest design trends for weddings. We’ve decided that we’re going to ditch the dresses and go straight to our most knowledgeable area… décor!

Metallic Weddings

Let’s start off with the first trend that is rapidly gaining traction in the wedding field… metallic weddings! No, we’re not talking about weddings plated in chrome; more along the lines of gold, silver and copper, which are perfect for complementing your wedding style. The great thing about this trend is that it can literally be used with any type of style! Whether you go for a huge metallic showpiece or small subtle pieces like charger plates and votives; they will look amazing and add a touch of class to your wedding décor.


High Drama Themes

Year-on-year, themes change and grow. Some go out of fashion while others come back. This year’s ‘high drama’ theme builds on the highly sought after Hollywood glamour weddings and improves on it in areas such as lighting and table centres.

The theme takes a deep interest in lighting and aims to add a bright, cheerful aesthetic to the venue. Some ways that you can do this at your wedding is by adding elaborate chandeliers to boost light emission; this keeps your décor classy while adding a noticeable styling aesthetic.

Another way you can use lighting to achieve a ‘high drama’ theme is by manipulating the dance floor. This can be done with a fully LED lit system that illuminates the dance floor; creating a modern, futuristic and downright cool look!

Lastly, if you find that either of those ideas are not to your taste; why not go for something a little more subtle, like fairy light backdrops? These are perfect for adding to bare walls, outdoor areas and food and drink stations; giving you some perfect lighting and a special feel.

We’re not finished yet with ‘high drama’; table centres are a huge part of the theme and can be larger than life! Forget traditional table centres and think big! They are there to be noticed and even in the tightest spaces they can be built upwards – think big flowers and lit vases.


Credit: http://www.favoredbyyodit.com/author/helen-amelga/page/4/

Rustic / Woodland Themes

A trend that we have seen getting more and more popular during 2016 is the rustic/woodland theme; where you bring nature to your wedding! Think of it as bringing some of the outside, in. It’s a great way of making your wedding feel less artificial and provides a different styling aesthetic to your conventional wedding; giving you a truly unique look.



Food Stalls

It’s no secret that we love food stalls here at Event Hire HQ and it seems that our customers do too. With demand for food stalls increasing over 2016, it’s starting to catch on as a real wedding trend. Not only for the décor but for what comes with it – many weddings have appointed some ‘quirky’ catering which is also a growing trend. Why not stock your oil barrel food stall with fantastic pop up street food? Or fill your pie shop stall with fantastic sweet and savoury creations, with delicious quirky touches!


Oil Drum Station


Wedding Calligraphy

Weddings this year have been branching off towards rustic styling and 2017 is expected to be no different. There’s been an influx of handmade and upcycled goods on show, which can give weddings a signature style. One way to add to this amazing rustic theme is the use of calligraphy, which adds another level to your wedding by offering a personal touch that some weddings can lack. The use of the calligraphy is perfect for adding to either place cards, wedding invites or large pieces of furniture – because a handmade touch is always better than mass-produced!

Credit: http://www.fabmood.com/chalkboard-calligraphy-wedding/


Photo Booths

We’ve been to LOADS of weddings this year and the one reoccurring theme that we find is the use of photo booths! These things are great and we can see why they keep popping up; because they offer some fun and interactivity which is key at weddings! The typical photo booth will come decked out with props that anyone member of the family can use. This and the huge amount of photos the memory cards can take is definitely a reason this product has been trending. We think that this is going to be a BIG hit next year!

Credit: http://weddbook.com/media/2442325/wedding-photobooth-props-holiday-photo-booth-props-set-of-20


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