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Corporate event styling made simple

With budgets being cut in the past decade, especially on recreational pursuits like awards ceremonies, Christmas parties and dinners, corporate event styling took a sideline. Thankfully this is no longer the case as corporate event budgets have been slowly rising in the past year or two with many more corporate clients willing to spend larger chunks of their budget on the styling and design of the overall event. We have therefore decided it’s about time we gave you some ideas and break down the different aspects of corporate event styling to give you a helping hand, whether you’re an event professional or a novice.

Corporate centrepiece hire

The main part of styling any corporate event is the centrepiece and this is an easy place to start. You may already have a theme or colour scheme for your event which helps a lot in designing a centrepiece. You also need to consider a budget per table; this will make sure your event styling company can create a vision that meets your needs. Do remember to have realistic expectations; it’s easy to get carried away when it’s someone else’s money.

Although artificial flowers may not have been an initial thought for your corporate event styling, they do work really well to create a sophisticated look on your tables; either stood high on clear vases to give an illusion or low for a touch of elegance. If you do opt for artificial flower arrangements remember to keep it simple; unlike wedding styling, corporate event styling is not as lavish when it comes to artificial flower arrangements.

Perhaps you have a particular theme like the popular great Gatsby or Las Vegas? If so, why not use feathers or LED lights in your corporate centrepiece? It’s important to give your styling company as much detailed information as you can as many corporate centrepieces are bespoke, so it gives them a better chance of creating your vision.

Corporate backdrop hire

Backdrops are in no way just for wedding receptions and don’t have to be sparkly and pretty; there are so many different things you can create with a backdrop. When it comes to corporate event styling, the most common forms of backdrop are in plain white or black and although it is often used to section off a room or cover a feature in a venue space, we say have fun with it! Corporate event styling includes every aspect that makes your event enjoyable for your guests, so why not create a grand entrance or a huge focal wall to add colour to a dreary venue? Get creative with colour and design!

Corporate event styling

It’s all in the details! Corporate event styling includes everything to complete the look of your event. The type of event you are hosting, such as a meeting, lunch or dinner, or the time of year like summer or Christmas,  will determine what you might be looking for to create a talking point for your guests. For example, if you’re having a summer lunch why not use multi-coloured bean bags and outdoor lounge furniture to visually impress your guests? Let’s face it, bean bags are fun at any age! If you’re planning a meeting and serving some bowl food, how about using a colourful and themed food station in your corporate event styling? There are so many ways to make a lasting impression and make your event memorable.   Have a look at some of our additional ideas to include other styling items into your corporate event styling.