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Brexit: how does it effect the flower industry?

We are sure that everybody is fed up with the word Brexit! Not only is the entire UK in limbo until a final deal is made but the rest of the world are looking at us to finally make a decision. Sometimes we find ourselves screaming at the telly or even avoiding the subject as we have had enough of hearing about it. However, as the country divides further into remain or leave, as one of the main issues of Brexit concerns border controls we are watching closely to find out what impacts a no-deal could have on our business and the industry itself. One of the products that could be affected is the import of fresh flowers from the EU, so we thought we would keep one step ahead and prove how artificial flower arrangements could be the solution to avoid any issues caused when importing flowers.

We have used artificial flower arrangements for years and have used them not only for wedding ceremonies and receptions but also for corporate dinners, award ceremonies and fashion shows. They come in all species and colours and can be arranged with the same lavish or subtle style as the real thing. With almost 95% of fresh flowers being imported from the EU, if any issues are faced regarding the importation of fresh flowers, thankfully there are plenty of suppliers in the UK who hire out artificial flowers.

Another bonus to using artificial flower arrangements in events would be their upkeep and maintenance. If you’re in the industry, we are sure you are aware of the issues facing fresh flowers such as weather conditions, location of storage and transport. For example, fresh flowers must not be placed in a space that is too hot or they will dry out or wilt. They also need to be watered throughout the day to keep them looking fresh. Don’t forget about transport; they must be moved in refrigerated vehicles just to keep them alive. This is all very time-consuming and adds additional pressure to event teams. However, with artificial flowers all of the above disappears. They can be transported in boxes or flight cases with other furniture and they do not need to be tended to throughout the day, looking just as good as when they were first arranged and placed.

We all know that some clients can be more particular than others and prestigious venues and clients can be very picky about real and artificial, but if you come against this, why not show samples to the client and prove that they are just as good as the real thing? Everyone in today’s economic climate is trying to save money and this usually takes precedent over requests, so use this as your starting point to try and persuade your clients about the benefits of using artificial flowers.

We all hope Brexit goes as smoothly as possible and then we can move on with business, but whilst the deal has not yet been done, prepare for all eventualities and, just in case, have a few backup plans up your sleeve.