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Awe-Inspiring Wedding Venues Perfect For Your Big Day

TEHC Team – Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Weddings are a big deal. They really matter to everyone, from the bride and groom to the wedding planners. Everything has to be perfect for the big day and everyone involved knows it. The UK wedding industry alone is worth over £10bn, and the pressure to have a unique and large wedding is increasing rapidly. Small, intimate gatherings have been dwarfed by large gatherings with huge budgets and an array of high power supercars to match. Here at The Event Hire Company (TEHC), we appreciate that beautiful event set-ups and creative concepts turned into reality are a great source of inspiration, so we’ve put together a list of some of the best wedding set-ups we’ve ever seen.

We’re inspired by… this floor


Believe it or not, this isn’t just your typical floor. This is a specially crafted dance floor made by party planner, Preston Bailey. The dance floor features thousands of individual purple and yellow flowers and the result is a stunning two tone design which is intricately laid out in a floral pattern.

We’re inspired by… this ceiling

Katie Stoops 

… along with the rest of the design. The primary white mixed with soft colours works brilliantly and the dangling flowers on the ceiling are the perfect finishing touch.

We’re inspired by… this theme

Eliot Holtzmann

The combination of deep velvet red and low lighting gives an intimate feel to any wedding and helps create a bespoke boudoir feel that is both classy and cultured. The chandeliers top it off with a sense of elegance.


We’re inspired by… this aisle

Carla Ecyk

This floral aisle with decorative candelabras is the perfect wedding reception for guests. Created by florist, Karen Tran, the archway is made up of hundreds of flowers and leads into an all-white marquee floor. Petals are decorated on either side for an immersive feel.

We’re inspired by… this atmosphere

Here’s our very own wedding set-up featuring an upcycled range and styling products. Under the magnificent hull of the iconic Cutty Sark, this spectacular wedding features lighting effects and warm touches to provide a sense of space and familiarity.

Are you inspired by our selection? Visit our Instagram page here and take a look at some more wedding set-ups that’ll give you some great ideas for your own big day. All the furniture featured in those images is supplied by us here at TEHC.