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Are faux flowers a faux pas?

While working in the events industry, you see trends come and go. Then you see some that are destined to stay around purely because of their practicality, ease of use and cost. That’s where artificial/faux flowers come into play; they are a culmination of everything described and more! Not to mention that they are virtually indistinguishable from natural flowers!

Rustic Lantern with Artifical Flowers

Despite being available for a lengthy period of time, we’ve seen a large influx of orders for artificial flowers recently sky rocket. Here’s why:


One of the main concerns that we have from our customers is that their budget simply cannot cover the high price tag of natural flowers. With the price of flowers ever increasing and the ability to only use them once, economically you can start to see why faux flowers are the ‘weapon of choice’ for many event & venue managers.

Visually attractive

Price may not be of concern to everyone and the aesthetic of the flowers is often a price worth paying. However, when choosing between faux flowers and real flowers, you may be in for a surprise; faux flowers are becoming ever more realistic and are often identical to their ‘real’ partners. With both sets of flowers requiring transit to reach the event destination, it can be tough for natural flowers to withstand the journey which can leave them with bruises and imperfections on your big event day!

Always the right time for faux flowers

If budget and logistics aren’t an issue, then it has to fall to what you can get at the time. In season flowers are a major part of the styling of an event and can often dictate what your choices are. Using artificial flowers can bypass this because no matter what the season, they are ALWAYS ready to go!
If you are looking to add an injection of bright summer colours to your cold winter event for example, the ability to have seasonal flowers such as dahlias, daisies and lilies is always a useful tool to have.

Hassle Free

Probably the biggest upside to buying faux flowers is that there is a huge amount of time and effort taken away from the maintenance of the flowers. This can come in the form of watering, ensuring the flowers haven’t wilted or been crushed. Problems like this cannot arise with faux flowers because firstly, they don’t require any care, and secondly because they are durable enough to be handled without being spoilt, faux flowers can help in improving the comfort of guests with allergies which helps alleviate watery eyes, sneezing and sniffing until the “I do’s”.

Overall, it’s fair to say that faux flowers put up a fight against natural flowers, with faux flowers often coming out on top. Events are the perfect place for artificial flowers as they offer a range of qualities such as durability and the option to pick ANY flower you want, no matter the time of year. It seems as if the faux flower is a crowd pleaser and one that our customers will continually opt for.

Large Silver Candelabra with Artifical Roses & LED Candles 3