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Answering your FAQ’s about furniture hire

Furniture hire can be a tricky business but we are here to advise and assist you every step of the way. Whether you’re a novice or in the industry, it can sometimes be complicated to understand different procedures so here are some of our answers.

Is there a minimum hire charge?

Most furniture hire companies do have a minimum order charge and it does not include your delivery and collection costs: it is based only on your hire cost. They tend to make you aware of this when you first call to make an enquiry. We don’t personally charge a minimum hire and often work with individuals for small parties or christenings.

Can you deliver to my area?

We deliver all over the UK, however do be aware that your furniture hire could cost a lot less than your D&C charges alone, so do check a company’s trading address before you enquire.

How long is my furniture hire quote valid for?

All hire companies are different however they are mostly valid at the stated price for seven days. The sooner you can confirm a booking the better to ensure you get the best price for your furniture hire.

Can I collect the items myself?

This usually depends on the furniture you are hiring. For bespoke centrepieces and more intricate items your furniture hire company may be resistant to allow this. You must also consider the size of the items and decide whether you possess the correct transport to do so. If you collect hire furniture yourself the furniture hire company will have rules and regulations for pick-up, so discuss this with them.

How does payment work?

This depends on the furniture hire company you choose to work with, however the majority will ask for a deposit with the remaining balance cleared before your delivery. Always check their terms and conditions about cancellations and payment terms as they can vary. Your deposit will either be a refundable amount after the event to cover any losses and damages or it will be a percentage upfront of your furniture hire costs.

How much notice do I need to give a furniture hire company?

The earlier the better! Most people consider their furniture hire to be closer to the bottom of the to-do list but remember a lot of logistics work goes into furniture hire so they need time to prepare. Not only that, the longer you have to discuss the small details with your furniture supplier the better.

How does set-up work on the day?

Standard delivery and collection costs do not include any set-ups and in some cases they will only make a curb side delivery: the cost might seem low so check what’s included. Set-up charges are often clearly stated on furniture hire company’s quotes and if you’re unsure, ask them to cost for a full set-up on site.

If you have any more questions or want to enquire with us then give us a call on 01708 335 184 or email us at hello@tehcltd.co.uk and one of our professional  team will be on hand to assist you.