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A bespoke corporate centrepiece made to wow!

Corporate centrepiece’, even the word sounds slightly dull and mundane but it doesn’t have to be. When we deal with bespoke corporate centrepieces we like to use the company colours and theme the centrepiece based around the ethics of the company or their motto. We can bring a corporate centrepiece to life by making it personal to the business or employees, but how? How do you bespoke make a centrepiece? Well, we have given you the perfect tick list, right from start to finish, which is broken down into easy bite-size portions, so you can create your very own bespoke corporate centrepiece.


  1. Who is your audience? You really need to consider who is attending your corporate event to avoid your efforts going to waste. If you are organising a product launch of a feminine product and expect mostly ladies to attend then your centrepiece should be pretty and elegant. However, if you are planning a more masculine event then perhaps the smaller details may go unnoticed, so use simple more masculine artificial flower arrangements such as succulents.


  1. What is your budget? Corporate centrepieces vary in budget massively, so if you are looking for a bespoke centrepiece rather than what is already available and being offered then you will require movement in your budget. Most bespoke corporate centrepieces are priced on each item that is included rather than as a package cost, so make sure you have a healthy budget to get exactly what you want.


  1. What is the atmosphere/style of the venue? Figure out whether your venue would look better filled with flowers or perhaps candles and tea lights. For a more classic and modern venue you could really create a relaxing vibe using many candles and tea lights, not only in your corporate centrepiece but also in significant features around the venue, such as stairways and fireplaces. If you have opted for a more modern and stylish venue then perhaps an abundant use of flowers is a good option; you can brighten up any white, airy and modern space by using a large variety of colourful artificial flowers in your corporate centrepiece.


  1. What type of event is it? Corporate dinners tend to have larger and more extravagant centrepieces as most of the focus is around the table and you can create a talking point for dinner. Perhaps use tall glass vases with flowers toppers or even long flower garlands across longer tables. Award ceremonies like to keep it simple and use smaller corporate centrepieces with small vases and lanterns filled with candles or light boxes to create an atmosphere. One of our favourites is a candelabra centrepiece which is always a good choice for any type of corporate event.


  1. Do you want to personalise the centrepiece? Many companies opt to represent their own company or brand by using their own colours or images in the table centrepiece. In the past we have done this many times, whether it be a certain colour of flowers or a picture placed in light boxes or even using branded vases; there is always a way to remind people of why they are there.


  1. Work on each element separately until it comes together? The main elements of a corporate centrepiece tend to be the same; table mirror, the main item such as a vase, lantern or candelabra, then tea lights and lastly, anything they wish to add such as flowers, candles, branding etc. The easiest way we have found to work with clients in the past is to offer a range of different corporate centrepieces, then allow clients to directly change things about it, whether that be the colour of some votives or whether they need a tall vase instead of a short one etc.


These steps should be more than enough to help you create your own centrepiece with your styling company. However, if you ever need an extra helping hand then you know where to find us;  either email at hello@tehcltd.co.uk or call to speak to one of our styling team on 01708 335 184.

Remember to have fun when planning your own corporate event!