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Four Reasons Why Upcycling Is The Future Of Our Furniture

TEHC Team – Thursday, October 01, 2015

Recycling; at first glance an extremely dull subject to think about. My first thoughts were placing cardboard, plastic and glass items into their own allocated boxes in the morning before they were whisked away by timely waste management workers, never to be seen again. Cue upcycling– recycling an item into something better. An odd concept yet exponentially more captivating than the idea of recycling. Upcycling is now the new ‘big thing’, especially in the furniture hire industry, bringing about both creative and contemporary results to suit any event set-up. Now before I start upcycling my own words trying to describe how great it is, here are five reasons why it will play a huge part in furniture development in the future.

  1. It’s eco friendly!


The biggest perk of them all, upcycling furniture saves the felling of trees and the moulding of non-decomposable plastics taking place. Not only does upcycled furniture give you a lower carbon footprint, but it also breathes life into all of those unwanted and unusable furniture items that have been gathering dust in sheds and garages across the nation for years. The result will be that you can enjoy your furniture guilt-free! (Yep, we just made all other furniture evil)


  1. It actually looks better than normal furniture


It really does! Have you seen some examples of upcycled furniture recently? They look nothing short of incredible. Upcycled items have a rustic and creative feel about them so they really stand out. The best part is that no two items will be exactly the same and each piece has a different story to tell.


Our upcycled pallet bar at @SquaremealVandE


3.  It’s better for your brand


This one’s a bit cryptic so let me give you a situation. You’re at an event stand and your company has (wisely) chosen to opt for a furniture rental company that deals with upcycled goods (wise choice again). You’re there showcasing your brand, bringing in crowds and networking to your heart’s content. Opting for upcycled furniture hire gives the impression that your company is very eco-aware and is concerned about the welfare of our environment. Additionally, it will add a contemporary and modern edge to your brand –one that your competitors may not have– whilst still maintaining professionalism. Upcycling has it all! You can hire upcycled items here.


  1. Tables don’t actually have to be tables


The sky’s the limit for creativity with upcycling and everything is open to repurposing. The table hire you’ve opted for may have started out as a collection of pallets or maybe even a shipping container. That’s the wonder of upcycling, the possibilities are endless. We here at TEHC use pallets for our tables and bars and sometimes use oil drums as tables too. If you want to see what else we can drum up, follow this link to find out more!

There are a million and one more reasons why you should choose upcycled furniture over normal furniture, but we thought we’d give you these four just to tide you over. Whether you’re renting some furniture for an event or just purchasing some new tables for your company, just remember that upcycling is the most fashionable furniture of the future.