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Why should venues have approved furniture hire and décor suppliers?

After our recent success at becoming an approved supplier for The National Gallery in London, we started to question why more venues don’t have approved suppliers for furniture hire? It is often the norm for top London or UK venues to offer approved suppliers for catering, flowers, AV equipment and more, however it is extremely rare for a furniture hire company or a styling and décor company to be listed. Each individual venue may have their own reasons for this but we think more of them should discover the pros of using approved furniture hire and styling and décor companies, and we have come with reasons to convince you to think the same way as us.

The pros of using approved furniture hire and styling and décor

  • Each venue can build a great working relationship with their furniture supplier. If you are only working with one or maybe two furniture hire companies, it’s easier for the venue staff to become acquainted with the supplier. We all know a great partnership is the base for success in business and when you have an approved furniture supplier you can get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses to work together more efficiently.
  • Many venues have strict regulations and policies when it comes to deliveries and security. It can often become time consuming and costly when event managers have to contact many different companies to gather the information they need or provide rules to be followed. If you work with an approved furniture supplier they should already know the rules; for example chairs must be transported using trolleys rather than being carried, or you only have a one hour delivery slot because of public open hours etcetera.
  • Not only will your approved furniture supplier know the rules and regulations but they will also get to know the venue well enough to give clients advice and guidance about styling and designing their event. They can get to know capacities, what has been done before and give clients better knowledge without bothering the venue staff every five minutes with constant questions.
  • It’s not only the furniture supplier who can offer the clients a better experience. A client will feel more confident knowing that your venue can offer the entire package, especially when it comes to brides.  With all they have to think about, they want an easy process, similarly corporate clients tend to also want the easiest option. So why not offer them the entire package and include a few approved furniture suppliers?
  • You may even be able to negotiate deals and offers with your approved suppliers. Not all venues get involved with this part of events and leave it up to their clients, but why not discuss what popular packages you can offer so you gain the commission? As the old saying goes, if you don’t ask you don’t get.
  • When you work with approved suppliers they can offer you site specific risk assessments instead of generic ones. You will also be able to gather information on the company such as relevant insurance documents and method statements for health and safety arrangements. This is all very valuable in case of any accidents or damages to either party as this is not common practice if a company is not an approved supplier.

This is just a taster but there are so many more advantages to venues using approved furniture suppliers. If you’re a venue looking for an approved furniture supplier then you can always contact us to discuss options and set up an initial meeting.

We really do believe this would be another positive step in the events industry.