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What does your wedding furniture say about you?

With the wedding season finally here and the buzz of summer adding to the excitement of getting married, we here at The Event Hire Company (TEHC) have compiled a list of some of the most popular wedding furniture. From the coolest and most contemporary items to the most traditional and classical pieces, what do your choices say about you?

  1. Sofas
    Credit: Charlestone Events

Having sofas at a wedding is a great way to help people relax and enjoy themselves as it offers an informal and comfortable way to converse. Sofas can be placed inside or outside, creating a great place for people to meet up and chat. Choosing a sofa means you’re a very laid-back person who hopes the guests will enjoy themselves at the wedding as much as you do (whilst offering a place for you to have a well-earned rest).


  1. ThronesCredit: Free Range Designs

A throne at a wedding isn’t too out of the ordinary, but this Viking one is. Carved out of wood, it adds a great twist to your wedding and stands out. This type of furniture says a lot about you and probably means you love all the attention you have at a wedding. And why not? It’s your special day and you deserve it. Ultimately opting for this sort of furniture would point to a person with an interest in history or just a love for Game of Thrones (or Vikings).

  1. Upcycled furniture
    Credit: Upcycled Wonders 

Upcycled furniture has been a big hit and we are inundated with requests for new, trendy styles. Whether it is an upcycled pallet bar or an oil drum table, the possibilities are seemingly endless! Pictured is an upcycled cable spool which gives a wedding a rustic, homely feel while still looking relevant. This says that you are quite arty and possess an ecocentric mindset that you want to portray to your guests.


  1. Ice cream van   (Credit: Rossi)

There are a few ways to make everyone happy. First you can give everyone a seat at the front table or even better… give away free ice cream! A front seat just isn’t realistic but free ice cream is. It’s the perfect way to put a smile on everyone’s face whilst having a great attraction that makes your wedding unique, even more special and personal, especially when you can serve it yourself! Rossi Ice Cream sells a fantastic range of different stands including retro vans and Victorian trikes, so you’re spoilt for choice. Choosing something like an ice cream van screams generosity and fun. You love the idea of a relaxed wedding and having genuine interaction with as many guests as possible, so what better way to do that then by showing off your ice cream skills?

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If you feel inspired by any of this wedding furniture, get in touch with The Event Hire Company who can provide you with a large, substantial range of furniture for any occasion.