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Artificial flower arrangements for corporate event styling

Artificial flower arrangements have grown in huge popularity in recent years with more and more event planners turning to artificial flowers to decorate and design an event rather than using live flowers. This is mainly because of the huge cost difference. However there are also some other pros to using artificial flower arrangements such as they are easier to transport and move, you do not have issues with dropping flowers throughout the day and the upkeep of artificial flower arrangements is considerably less than real flowers. Corporate artificial flower arrangements tend to be smaller and less exuberant than wedding flowers but still give a great effect on the entire design of the event.

Read on for some great tips, advice and ideas on how to incorporate artificial flower arrangements into your corporate event styling.

Corporate centrepiece hire

You don’t automatically think artificial flower arrangements when you think of corporate centrepiece hire but actually a lot of event professionals and businesses choose this option even if they only want to add colour or some texture to the event. The thing to keep in mind is keep your artificial flower arrangements simple and perhaps use company or theme colours to create a more exciting vision for your guests.

You can create so many different corporate centrepieces and create such different looks by using a mixture of tall artificial flower centrepieces and shorter centrepieces. You could even include a range of them across the entire event to create interest for your guests. The type of event often determines how extravagant you want your corporate centrepiece hire to be. Poseur table décor can be just as effective even if you are not organising a sit down meal, they still add colour and vibrancy for your guests to enjoy.

Corporate event styling

You don’t need to just consider corporate centrepiece hire as you can include artificial flower arrangements into any part of your event. Below are some fantastic examples we have found on Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing..

Image result for pinterest corporate event flowers

Image result for corporate event flowers

thin wedding flower wreath centrepiece - Google Search

step and repeat for a corporate event, boxwood flower wall, glamor with delphinium, snapdragons, roses, and spray roses - use this as a wedding ceremony backdrop


If you are looking for the perfect artificial flower arrangements for your corporate event styling, then one of our event stylists can help, so give them a call on 01708 335184 or email them at hello@tehctd.co.uk  as they can help to create something that little bit more special for your guests to enjoy.