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TEHC Summer Suggestions

TEHC Team – Wednesday, June 08, 2016

With recent hot spells and increasingly clear skies, the shower sprees are now clearing and the essence of summer is drawing ever closer. The summer months also see event professionals hosting outdoor events once again, utilising outdoor spaces, and bringing out the outdoor furniture which has been stuck in warehouses for months. Summer barbecues, rooftop cocktails, and suits and sunglasses… summer events are truly something special. Here at The Event Hire Company, we love summer as much as you do, so here are some summer suggestions that’ll bring your sunny event to life.

Summer events work well with either light, basic or vibrant / fluorescent colours, depending on the occasion. Wood and exposed, untreated wooden surfaces really fit in well too, with upcycled furniture items working well at both outdoor and indoor events.

Upcycled furniture such as our barrels, tables, stools and upcycled bars all look beautiful under rays of sunshine and clear skies. Light coloured upcycled items work best, giving events an essence of liveliness and vibrancy.

Striped décor is also a perfect summer option to go for, with many event companies opting for contrasting light and dark colours to reduce the appearance of the size of furniture and highlight the scenery and background. The wedding below used striped tablecloths to draw attention to the tables without becoming visually obtrusive.


Bunting is a great idea for summer events as it emulates the sense of a communal picnic or party. Bright coloured bunting that drapes above tables will immerse your guests together rather than segregate them, with the warm colours giving the impression of unity. This option is most effective in small and intimate events.


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