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Table hire – our top 5 tips

Table hire may seem easy but actually there are some things you must consider when it comes to table hire and it’s not as conventional as you think. There are so many different types of tables, such as coffee table hire, round tables, trestle table hire, poseur table hire and more, so we are here to offer you our top 5 tips to make sure your table hire goes without a hitch.

  1. Think about your layout and design – do you need round tables or trestle table hire?

When thinking about your layout, you need to consider how many guests, the size of the venue and how you want everyone to be seated. The most conventional way to seat guests are on round tables however some people choose to have a sprig layout using trestle tables or a cabaret style using smaller round tables or half-moon tables. If you are organising a corporate banquet, the normal rule of thumb is 10-12 people per table on round tables and 6 people for a seated dinner on a trestle table. Do ensure you speak to the venue manger to find out what others have done before and what works well in the space as they are the experts. You should be able to get creative with your table hire especially if you have an empty space like an outdoor event space or an empty hall so you can try out some fun and unique design ideas.

2. Consider your set-up time and are you being charged for a set-up in your table hire price?

Table hire is the core of your event, especially if you have created a unique design with a mixture of round tables and trestles. Without your tables you cannot set up a table layout or your centrepieces and chairs: everything starts with table hire. They need to be set up before anything else to make sure your set-up runs smoothly, so arrange your table hire delivery for the earliest you can with your venue and your furniture hire company. Also make sure you ask the question, does this cost include set-up? More often than not it doesn’t and you don’t need any nasty surprises!

3. What other things do I need consider other than table hire?

If you are in a venue that requires you to look for table hire then the chances are you will also need to look into other aspects of your event such as chair hire, linen hire, event centrepiece hire and more. Most furniture hire companies who offer table hire will offer the additional items you need but make sure you ask the question, as in our experience some people assume that items like linen is included.

4. What other types of table hire are available?

Let’s move away from the nitty gritty of banqueting table hire as not every event needs them. In fact you will probably more than likely need poseur table hire when using many venues who have their own furniture. Poseur table hire is perfect for drinks receptions, marketing events or event exhibitions where you have a small space. They can either look modern or traditional and can be decorated to match any event or theme. Whether you use linen or artificial flowers you can make them look stunning. Get some ideas from our previous blog http://eventhireonline.co.uk/news-article/using-artificial-flower-arrangements-for-corporate-event-styling/

5. Remember to get in there early.

Just like any other part of events, table hire is a sought after item in the furniture hire market. In the summer months and at Christmas it can become difficult to get exactly what you are after, especially if you are looking for rarer products like square tables or half-moons. Make sure you speak to a furniture hire company well in advance of your event  to make sure you get exactly what you need.