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Summer events guide

Summer is finally here and with the UK experiencing temperatures of up to 26 degrees Celsius already, it won’t be long before sunshine graces the London skyline on a daily basis. Event professionals across the country are preparing for the ever-popular summer events season as companies opt for outdoor networking sessions as opposed to indoor conferences.

With such a wide variety of venues to choose from to hold your summer event, we here at The Event Hire Company have decided to shortlist some of the best venues which reap the benefits of the summer sun, whilst keeping productivity at an all-time high.

Rooftop terraces are a great place to host intimate networking sessions under the summer sun. Good weather means good moods and this will have a positive impact on the session in general. One such venue that offers this privilege is Coin Street Community Builders in London, pictured below. The venue also features a conference and meeting space to allow meetings to take place prior to hitting the terrace.

Garden space is a perfect environment to discuss ideas in post-event and there are very few venues based in London that offer this feature. Garden space can be utilised for on-brand discussions, offering catering solutions and hosting larger groups. Gibson Hall, based in Liverpool Street, is an exemplary example of a venue with a garden area. As pictured below, a large buffet can be served to delegates and summer catering options can be provided for a truly immersive summer feel.

On a hot summer day, the best relief is stepping into a nice air conditioned environment. Well-ventilated and climate controlled venues are ideal for hot days and venues without up to date cooling systems will leave delegates feeling out of their comfort zones. Modern and newly refurbished venues such as The Institution of Structural Engineers provides eco-friendly ventilation and a climate controlled environment to ensure when the outside temperatures rise, yours don’t.

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