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Profits Soaring As A Result Of Styling

TEHC Team – Monday, April 11, 2016

If you’re a true TEHC fan, you’ll know that last year we went all out on our styling range last year, and as a result, our profits have increased dramatically ever since we started buying items in September. The feedback we’ve received has been great and more people can enjoy better looking venues now thanks to the arsenal of styling items we have stored in the mythical TEHC warehouse.

It’s always nice to see people appreciating the hard work we’ve put in, and styling items have become very popular amongst those who opt for our services. The fact that we can create a theme for an event which stems from any idea imaginable is quite astonishing, and our friends who have experienced our full styling service seem to think so too! Many people have been asking for the styling services we offer, and there have been quite a few repeat bookings too.

We officially announced our big move into styling products in November, but we’ve been sourcing handy items and furniture since September and had a few trial runs of our service before it went public. The pilots went extremely well and we are now here today celebrating the success that styling has brought us so far.

Our original investment proposal of £150,000 was soon superseded by constant additions to our inventory as we kept up with the high demand from our clients. Event theming from a furniture supply company such as ourselves is really uncommon and we think we’ve encountered a great opportunity with our new range.

Commenting on the rise in profits, Guvnor of TEHC, Victoria, stated:

“We’ve put a lot of time into making the event styling range what it is today and we couldn’t be happier with the results, twinned with the fact that it makes every event look so much better.

“There hasn’t been a single complaint or negative piece of feedback so far, and we’re definitely going to keep it that way. It just goes to show that all of our hard work does pay off in the end, and it’s really rewarding to see our clients’ ideas come to life.

“Customers always mention how blown away they are when they realise we can turn their event dreams into reality. When they arrive in the venue, they are always met with an event that exceeds their expectations. Set us the challenge of creating a theme you’ve come up with and we’ll deal with the rest. It’s always refreshing when you hand the creative process over to the client and the end result is as much their work as it is ours.”

This good news is in addition to our recent statement us branching out into stocking a brand new dining range. We’re always dishing up surprises!