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We’re Now Providing Glassware, Crockery And Cutlery At Events

TEHC Team – Thursday, April 07, 2016

First there was furniture and then styling products, and now we’re branching out into the world of glassware, crockery and cutlery! We’ve invested our time, money and efforts into the dining world to bring us one step closer to being a ‘one stop shop’, stocking everything you’ll need for your next event – the whole kit and caboodle! We are so proud of this that we’ve even made it our company strapline.

The dining range adds to our ever-expanding portfolio which includes a plethora of items such as tables, chairs, bars, and our popular styling range.

We first tried out the new range on a select few friends of ours and the response we received was brilliant, so we decided to offer it as one of our main services. We’ve only heard good things so far and we plan to keep it that way!

Our very own Guvnor, Victoria, said:

“Expanding our stock once again has been so exciting for the team and I. This expansion has been a huge learning curve for us but we’ve loved every moment of it.

“Having bought a new styling range fairly recently, buying due to high demand has added to the thrill of being in the events industry. The great feedback we receive makes it all worthwhile.


“We’re hoping that this new range means our aim of becoming a ‘one stop shop’ for all our loyal customers (old and new) is now within reach.”

“We were really proud of the success we had after introducing the styling range that we brought out last year, and we’re eager to see what this new chapter brings!”

We already have bookings for the dining range for the remainder of this year as well as some in 2017.