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Museums Around The World That Make The Best Venues

TEHC Team – Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Today we celebrate World Museum Day; a day where history collections from around the world are brought together under one roof and enjoyed by children and adults alike. However the museum has provided a lot more than just knowledge to us event professionals and event goers. Every year thousands of people visit museums for more than just learning. Museums are brilliant venues and their unique backdrops make them incredibly popular destinations for delegates. Accompanied by dinner and drinks, these venues are the perfect way to add some character to a meal, conference and everything in between.

Here at The Event Hire Company, we supply our versatile furniture to many event venues in London, so to celebrate this day of gratitude to the humble museum, we’ve compiled a list of incredible venues across the globe that make the best event spaces.

First up is our very own Science Museum, of which we are preferred suppliers.  Not only is it renowned for its unique collection of technological advances, interactive exhibits and rare items, but it is also used as a unique events space too! Dine under a rocket and soar to the stars with the astronomy experience. With room for hundreds of attendees, the Museum’s capacity is perfect for an all-encompassing event. The Science Museum is one of the only venues that gives you a delegate experience which is truly out of this world!

Next up is the Natural History Museum across the pond, located in Los Angeles, USA. Like its fellow counterpart in the UK, events are held in the main atrium where tables surround a golden illuminated statue and guests can eat under a majestic dome. The circular arrangement of tables provides an intimate feel as diners are all within a close vicinity of each other. Discover the past in a completely different light by experiencing an event at this truly astonishing venue.


The Victoria & Albert Museum in London is widely regarded as one of the most thought-provoking collections of artistry in the world and is now a captivating venue for all kinds of events. The Museum houses over 4.5 million objects and has the single largest collection of design and art. With iconic spaces such as the Dome available for hire, guests have the opportunity to revel in the wonders of creativity and take in some of the sights including the iconic glass Rotunda chandelier made by Dale Chihuly.

The Tokyo National Museum is one of Japan’s oldest and most contemporary collections of artefacts. Guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves in traditional Japanese culture with a large variety of venue spaces that range from classic traditional to contemporary modern. Guests are often blown away by the visual beauty of the venue and its modern features that set it apart from other venues of a similar calibre.



The list of fantastic museums around the world is endless, but we only have time to cover these five for now.

Do you think we’ve missed out an important venue? Get in touch via TwitterFacebookand Instagram and let us know what you think.