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In The Hot Seat – Rebecca From The Event Hire Company

TEHC Team – Monday, November 02, 2015

In the hot seat – Rebecca

1)      Name three things that you didn’t know until you joined The Event Hire Company.

Before I joined The Event Hire Company I didn’t know they were part of the Crown Partnership. I also never knew the process involved in making a quote to finalising the deal and what equipment and documents are necessary to deliver/pick up stock.

2)     Which venue that The Event Hire Company supplies to would you like to visit the most and why?

A posh venue to see what the finishing picture would look like after the decorating had been finished and furniture added. Or perhaps I’d visit the Natural History Museum as I enjoy learning about history and I love visiting London in general.

3)     What’s your favourite piece of furniture that The Event Hire Company has made and why?

My favourite piece is the damask stool because it reminds me of a boudoir piece of furniture. When working at Paul Steven’s Photography, customers came in for boudoir shoots and I really liked the style of the furnisher.

4)       If you could choose any venue in the world to supply for, which would it be? 

I would like to supply for runway as many people go to runway so the profit for this event would be high. Plus, I think they may be picky and require posh furniture. Also, I’d love to supply for the Royal Opera House as all the furniture would be very posh.

5)     Which piece of furniture that you own is most memorable to you and why?

My wardrobes are most memorable as they have a unique brown style that I like. They were previously my grandmother’s so I’ve had them for many years. I’d also probably say my sofa at home because it’s so comfortable.

6)      If you could invite any three celebrities to your own event, who would they be and why? 

I would probably say Lady Gaga as her outfits are always outrageous, Gok Wan as he is fashionable and Alan Carr or Lee Evans because they are both funny and would be entertaining.