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Furniture Trends That We’re Predicting In 2016

TEHC Team – Thursday, January 28, 2016

2016 is set to be one of the most influential years ever in the furniture industry. That means it’s our job to keep you well informed about what’s going on. So today we are back with another blog highlighting four key trends which are set to take the world by storm in 2016.


This trend just keeps coming back onto the scene. Upcycling is set to have another momentous year, with many people jumping on the band wagon. Upcycling is the art of turning something that might be old or broken into something new and useful. Here at The Event Hire Company, we make use of old shipping pallets to create tables and chairs for UK hire. We have even gone as far as building a fully operational bar with a rustic feel out of upcycled material.


Calm is cool

With alabaster being chosen as 2016’s ‘Colour of the Year’ by many interior designers, this could signal the end of bright / vibrant coloured furniture. In its place will be calming, more subtle colours which are meant to juxtapose the fast pace lifestyle and provide the ultimate antidote for the mind, body and soul. After seeing a few tables in this colour, I can somewhat agree that this trend may take the world by storm, with many offices in New York testing it out already.




Many interior designers are now opting for furniture that facilitates a wide variety of activities. Although multifunctional furniture is not a new concept, it is quickly becoming a hot commodity due to its space saving capabilities. With more and more manufacturers jumping on the band wagon, it may well become the biggest trend of 2016.


70s chic

1970s inspired furnishings are set to make a comeback in 2016 according to New York based hospitality designer and entrepreneur, Stacy Garcia. With many design elements of the 70s embracing brilliant bold and raw looks, it’s not surprising that this trend is making a reappearance.


So there we have it. Four designs that could soon be taking the furniture hire world by storm.

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