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Furniture inspiration for your summer party

Stuck for party inspiration this summer? We’ve got you covered.

With summer in full swing and the sun actually shining on us in the UK (kind of), we’ve decided to put together some interesting ideas and inspiration for your summer party or BBQ.

TEHC pallet

  • Bars– Having a bar would be a great way for people to meet (and get drinks), but why does it have to be a traditional bar? Why not go for one of these upcycled beauties? These pallets have been reused to create a stylish bar that offers an interesting design, practicality and a great way of getting people talking.

Credit: The Event Hire Company


  • Tables– Pretty much a necessity at an outdoor event/BBQ, tables require some innovation to make them stand out. That’s why including a place to store drinks is a clever way to improve on a standard table as you don’t have to leave the comfort of your seat!

Credit: Remodelaholic


  • Grill– What kind of a party would it be without food? Whether it’s small nibbles or a great big meal, you’re going to need somewhere to cook it all. That’s why this barrel grill has to go on the list; it fits the bill perfectly, boasting a cool design with practicality such as a covered top for smoking and portability in case the weather isn’t feeling generous.

Credit: Lexington Container Company

Gibson Hall Summer outdoor rattan

  • Seating– Seating doesn’t just have to be deck/patio chairs. We love them and they’re timeless, but if you want to move your event toward a more relaxed, stylish ideal, why not try these rattan sofas. With plenty of space for you and friends and a comfortable cushioned seat, this is a great place to be during the day or evening.

Credit: The Event Hire Company


  • Entertainment– Finding ways to help guests bond is always a great way to have a successful event, so why not encourage ways of interacting with a foosball table? These handy little games are a great way to have people chatting, competing and having fun.


  • Lighting– When the sun starts going down and everyone is still enjoying themselves, the last thing you want to do is go home or move indoors (especially when the weather is warm) so naturally the choice is to go for some lighting. Lighting choice however can set the tone of your event, harsh bright lights can take away from the intimacy and laid back tone so why not opt for softer lighting in the form of string lights? They’re easy, reliable and can provide adequate lighting in enclosed to larger spaces.

Credit: PotteryBarn