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The Event Hire Company Presents… The World’s Worst Furniture Awards

TEHC Team – Monday, February 29, 2016

The UK’s furniture industry had an incredible £7.4bn turnover last year which is a truly remarkable figure, however it’s not as remarkable as the following creations which somehow made it to the production stage.

As an accredited supplier for special events, weddings and more, we here at The Event Hire Company (TEHC) are fairly familiar with furniture and stock one of the largest collections in the UK so we were amazed when we saw some of these designs. From the weird to the downright odd, we’re counting down seven of the strongest contenders to take the crown for ‘worst ever furniture design’.

Seventh place


What looks like inspiration stemming from an unsuccessful game of Tetris is actually a bizarre armchair with mismatched amenities and a completely unrelated graphic of cranes printed on it. The modular design acts as a repellent for any poor soul made to sit in it. What’s worse is that the side panels act in the same way blinkers do for horses, so if you’re unfortunate enough to sit in one of these chairs, you’d better hope there isn’t something exciting happening either side of you because you’re probably going to miss out.

Sixth place


What can only be described as excess melting cheese on a grill is this odd creation which has managed to become both uncomfortable and visually unappealing. The leather is stained, looks weird and bears no symmetry whatsoever. We hope this was just a one off piece as there’s no place for these cheese chairs in the world.

Fifth place


Do you love food? Do you love burgers? Well don’t buy this novelty burger bed complete with pillow vegetables and duvet cheese. It’s pretty impressive to look at but the reality of the situation means that you can only sleep on it if you’re less than 5ft tall. If you’re over 5ft you’ll have your legs dangling out of the covers most of the time and experiencing the atmospheric temperature differences. We all love fast food but nobody loves it this much.

Fourth place

Pinterest (David Pompa)

Experience the joys of skiing whilst seated in this contemporary yet hilarious two-legged chair. We’re not quite sure what inspired an individual to add a red seat to a quarter of a statue of someone skiing. Maybe the torso will end up as a backrest on another chair design and the head on a set of chair legs, or maybe this was an installation at the latest annual ski lift awards. Whatever it is, it just doesn’t make sense.

Third place


Have you ever wanted to stand at a 112 degree angle whilst at your desk for the whole day? Now you can with this incredibly complex yet highly unnecessary office chair. With many accessories, support and padding, this chair may even be mistaken for exercise equipment. It’s perfect for doing those extra crunches whilst responding to emails but the real problem lies in the manoeuvrability. Chances are that you’ll have to call a colleague to help wheel you around the office like an 1800s Frankenstein.

Second place

Believe it or not, this sofa is actually a newly made piece which is available for public sale. It’s great news if you’ve been in a time capsule for decades. It hasn’t caught on with the contemporary styles of modern day classic furniture. Although it’s brand new, the sofa looks like an age-old piece that has been removed from a film set. Around four or five different types of fabric were used to make this sofa and its seating has the same characteristics as an old mattress.

First place

The Cage couch has been crowned winner of TEHC’s World’s Worst Furniture Awards and it really doesn’t need any explanation. This one-off piece features a variety of high quality Nicholas Cage photos from various eras, complete with Cage cushions to match. Even if Cage was a critically acclaimed actor, the idea of having a custom-made sofa with high quality images of their face is just downright weird. To whoever has bought this sofa, please take a seat and think about what you’ve just done.

That’s all for our World’s Worst Furniture Awards. We hope you enjoyed our rundown of truly ridiculous and bizarre furniture items but if your prefer the idea of hiring stylish furniture for your event, please visit our site here.