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Backdrop hire – the ins and outs

Backdrop hire is also known as draping or coverings, however whatever you call it, they are all essentially the same. A backdrop is a pipe frame with a drape hanging either in colours or as a feature wall. Now before you embark on your backdrop hire experience, there are a few things you will need to know or information to have ascertained to get an accurate backdrop hire cost.

  • Where do you want to position your event backdrop? This is important to discuss with the venue. Some venues have strict regulations and rules about the height your event backdrop can go up to, plus fire exit regulations and other requirements, so make sure it’s possible before your enquire about backdrop hire.
  • What size is required for your event backdrop hire? Most event backdrops come in certain sized sections so you need to make sure you know the full width you will need. Whether that is 3m or 6m or more, the bigger the event backdrop the more costly it could become.
  • What is the venue’s access like for breakdown and set-up? Again this is similar to point number one, however you must check with your venue about access times. Your backdrop hire company needs to know about any time restrictions they have or venue access restrictions so they can allocate for these in your costs.
  • Are you looking to cover an area, create a partition or become a focus point? Event backdrops come in so many different styles, colours and variety so you need to establish the look you want before you enquire. Any pictures you can give your backdrop hire company will be helpful and will make the whole process easier for both parties.

Wedding backdrop hire

When it comes to wedding backdrops, the most common in our opinion is definitely the starlight backdrop. It is romantic and beautiful so works wonderfully behind a top table at your wedding reception. They are also very versatile, so instead of just a plain starlight backdrop why not add some colourful organza draping or some love heart tiebacks on your wedding backdrop? You can have fun and come up with unique ideas to style your wedding backdrop. Why not break away from the normal and perhaps use the backdrop as a funky photo backdrop, or as an entire focal point across a wall? Here are some wedding backdrops we have done and some we have found.

backdrop hire

starlight backdrop

Corporate backdrop hire

Let’s not rule out corporate backdrop hire as they are just as popular as wedding backdrops,  however they tend to be used for a different reason. Rather than making a statement, corporate backdrops tend to be used to section off parts of a venue or even to use as a backdrop across features of a building. Due to this the most common type of corporate backdrop would be a plain drape, either in white, black or a company colour but why stick to the norm? If you’re organising an evening event like a reception or awards night, why not make your corporate backdrop more of an eye-catching piece? It could even become your way of advertising or could be used as a photo backdrop for your event. Here are some corporate backdrops we found.

backdrop - black pleated

corporate backdrop hire

backdrop hire

Backdrop hire styling and accessories

When it comes to backdrop hire, the only way to add your own personal touch or make your event backdrop a unique eye-catching piece, is the use of backdrop accessories. You can add colour, sparkle or elegance by using a plain backdrop and adding swags, artificial flower arrangements and more! We enjoy using uplighters, tiebacks and artificial flowers to add a special touch. For both wedding backdrops and corporate backdrops, why don’t you get creative? If you’re working with the right backdrop hire company they should be able to create your vision for you.