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Dancefloor hire: the ins and outs

A dancefloor is a great place to keep your guests entertained at an event. It’s where all those memories are made; whether they are enjoyable or embarrassing your guests will be sharing pictures from the dancefloor. We have put together some tips about dancefloor hire and some information on the different types available to help you get your dancefloor hire right.

What you need to consider about dancefloor hire

  1. You need to check if your venue already has a fixed dancefloor and what style it is, to check it fits in with your theme. If they do, you can ask your Event Manager about covering it or putting in additional sections to make it larger.
  2. Make sure you measure up the space you have to give to the dancefloor hire specialists. Most floors come in sections so different sizes can be built; you need to ensure it will fit in the venue and be large enough for the amount of guests.
  3. LED dancefloors need to be in close proximity to a mains supply so they can be plugged in.
  4. When booking your dancefloor hire make sure you have arranged enough time with the venue and supplier before and after the event. Not all dancefloors are easy to set up and dismantle, so depending on which style you choose determines the length of time needed.
  5. Be prepared to see a set-up charge on your dancefloor hire quote and confirmation. Most event suppliers do not include this in the hire as they need to allocate for bodies and time. However this charge will vary on size and supplier.

Parquet dancefloor hire

Parquet dancefloors are a classic. They are often found as a fixture in most venues but you can also hire them in a variety of sizes. The easiest way to describe them is the wooden dancefloor; however do not be fooled by this as they are often not solid wood.

parquet dancefloor hire

Black and white dancefloors

Often chosen as something different, they can recreate a 50’s diner theme or a clean and sophisticated look. Again, like all dancefloors, they come in a variety of sizes.

black and white dance floor hire

Starlight dancefloor

A starlight dancefloor is a favourite choice for a wedding reception or to create a twinkling effect for your Christmas wonderland theme. They have been very popular in 2017 and we don’t expect this to change in the foreseeable future.

led dancefloor hire