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Brand New Food Stalls Introduced By The Event Hire Company Leave You Hungry For More

TEHC Team – Friday, April 15, 2016

We’ve been busy grinding away inside the creative hub of Hire HQ creating some new and unique pieces. After hours of planning, labour and considerable amounts of tea, we were ready to unveil the fruits of our labour.

We can announce that we’ve been creating brand new food stalls for use at events to add a homely and personal touch to venues. Venues can often be empty and daunting places, so we thought we’d build something that brings a feeling of warmth to people’s hearts. Bringing the feeling and aesthetic of the local marketplace from historic town centres to events posed a challenge. We needed to get the stall exactly right to bring about that sense of nostalgia, so we used upcycled wood and materials to cohesively construct our food stalls.

The stall made its debut at Guildhall at an event we did with the lovely team over at Seasoned, and the response we got from it was overwhelming. The creative, budding minds of Seasoned transformed our wooden stall into a pie shop, filling the air with the aroma of pastries and slow-cooked vegetables which brought smiles to the attendees’ faces. The stall’s décor was made complete with the addition of our very own light up lettering, making it stand out as it rightly should.

We’re really happy with our new creation as it complemented our other items – such as the golden bar and cream lanterns which were also on display –perfectly. We can already tell it’s going to be a firm favourite with our customers in the future, especially as the spring season is looming and the sunshine and bright skies bring smiles to our faces. It’d be great to see the stalls at outdoor events too because they really are perfect for any occasion.

In the spirit of upcycling, we’ve also repurposed our golden bar and white ladders into stalls in addition to our newest food stall cart. We truly believe that our items are multi-purpose – just like the materials we use to create them – and the result is a glimmering display of food and creativity. The white ladders can be used for a range of purposes such as weddings and formal events. The creative possibilities are endless, and the same goes for our golden mirror bar and contemporary wooden barrels.

If just hearing about our fabulous food stalls has left you hungry for one at your next event, you can get in touch with us here and we’d be delighted to hear from you. Alternatively, if you want to keep up with our creative prowess, you can always follow us on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.